The 2nd Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity: 100 Years of General Relativity

23-28 November 2015
Warsaw, Poland

at Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center (Śniadeckich 8)
November 23-27, the scientific part of the conference

and Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (Pasteura 5)
November 22, Welcome Reception
November 22-28, The Exhibition “The Road to Relativity”
November 28, The
 Historical Day 


Aims and Scope

The scientific program covers broad range of topics from the mathematical structure of General Relativity (GR) and fundamental issues of the classical gravity, through the mathematical models of quantum gravity, to gravitational waves and their detection. Because of the 100 anniversary of GR there will be an additional day of the conference (11/28/2015) organized at the Faculty of Physics of University of Warsaw that will have a special, historical character. The goal of the conference is giving an account of achievements of GR. This theory was being developed in many different directions. All of them will be included in the conference. We will invite experts from the leading world centers of mathematical relativity and gravitational physics who will present the state of art in our knowledge and understanding of the various areas of General Relativity:

  • Global Structure of space-time,
  • Properties of Einstein’s equations and evolution of initial data,
  • Methods of deriving and properties of exact solutions,
  • Numerical analysis of Einstein’s equations,
  • Black holes,
  • Cosmology, relativistic astrophysics,
  • Detection and analysis of gravitational waves,
  • Models of quantum gravity,
  • Higher dimensional generalizations of GR,
  • History of General Relativity,
  • Alternative theories of gravity.

The conference is organised jointly by:
          Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center,
          Polish Society on Relativity,
          and Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.

Local Organizing Committee

Katarzyna Grabowska, Wojciech Kamiński, Ryszard Kostecki, Andrzej Królak, Jerzy Lewandowski (Chair), Andrzej Okołów, Piotr Sułkowski, Adam Szereszewski

Scientific Organizing Committee

Piotr Jaranowski, Jerzy Jurkiewicz, Andrzej Królak, Jerzy Lewandowski (Chair), Jacek Tafel, Andrzej Trautman, Andrzej K. Wróblewski

Invited speakers include:

  • Jan Ambjorn (University of Copenhagen)
  • Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (La Sapienza, Rome)
  • Michał Bejger (Centrum Astronomiczne Mikołaja Kopernika, Warsaw)
  • Eric Bergshoeff (University of Groningen)
  • Piotr Bizoń (Jagiellonian University, Cracow)
  • Arkadiusz Blaut (University of Wrocław)
  • Tomasz Bulik (Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw)
  • Salvatore Capozziello (Università degli Studi di Napoli)
  • Piotr Chruściel (University of Vienna)
  • Marek Demiański (University of Warsaw)
  • Maciej Dunajski (University of Cambridge)
  • George Ellis (University of Cape Town)
  • Helmut Friedrich (MPI Golm)
  • Hanoch Gutfreund (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Michał Heller (Copernicus Center, Cracow)
  • Stefan Hollands (Universitaet Leipzig)
  • Piotr Jaranowski (University of Białystok)
  • Jacek Jezierski (University of Warsaw)
  • Jerzy Kijowski (CFT, Warsaw)
  • Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman (University of Wrocław)
  • Andrzej Krasiński (Centrum Astronomiczne Mikołaja Kopernika, Warsaw)
  • Jerzy Lukierski (University of Wrocław)
  • Edward Malec (Jagiellonian University, Cracow)
  • Paweł Mazur (University of South Carolina)
  • Ezra T. Newman (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Tomasz Pawłowski (Universidad Andrés Bello – University of Warsaw)
  • Roger Penrose (Oxford University)
  • Jürgen Renn (MPI Berlin)
  • Martin Reuter (Universitaet Mainz)
  • Mairi Sakellariadou (King’s College London)
  • Bangalore S. Sathyaprakash (Cardiff University)
  • Gerhard Schäfer (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
  • John Stachel (Boston University)
  • Jacek Tafel (University of Warsaw)
  • Thomas Thiemann (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Kip Thorne (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena)
  • Andrzej Kajetan Wróblewski (University of Warsaw)
  • Adam Zadrożny (NCBJ, Poland)


  • Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW)
  • Polish Society on Relativity (POTOR)
  • Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center
  • University of Warsaw

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The 2nd Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity: 100 Years of General Relativity