The workshop will take place in Poland’s premier mountain resort Zakopane in the High Tatra Mountains at the southern tip of Poland. Zakopane is approximately 110km south of Krakow and close to the border with Slovakia.

Mountains in Zakopane


Depending on the snow and weather conditions, it will be possible to ski and snowboard during the workshop. Close to Zakopane there are four ski resorts:

  • Harenda (open)
    Elevation: 787 m – 997 m
    Slopes: 4 km
  • Szymoszkowa (open)
    Elevation: 865 m – 1126 m
    Slopes: 4 km
  • Witów (open)
    Elevation: 836 m – 998 m
    Slopes: 2 km
  • Kasprowy Wierch – Zakopane (1.2km open)
    Elevation: 1014 m – 1987 m
    Slopes: 16 km

Current information on the status of the slopes can be found e.g. on Further weather reports are available e.g. at

There is a ski rental: Montana – Ski Service (Hotel Bevedere) only 5 minutes walk from Hyrny.

More information on skiing in and around Zakopane can be found on and


If you enjoy the nature, you might like to take a walk in the national park. There are around 250km of marked tracks, wild animals and endemic plants. It is not uncommon to spot a brown bear in the wild although in the winter months this is very unlikely.

Brown Bear