Workgroup Meetings

The workgroup meetings are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 until 12:00. Below you will find the agendas for the meetings.

WG 1 (Monday)

  • Operating modes of the WG1.
  • WG1 meetings in Grant Period 2.
  • Paper repository, list of NCG resources to introduce young (and
    possibly not so young) physicists to the basic of NCG and quantum
    spacetime, especially if they are coming from other experiences.
  • Brief discussion: Ways to connect Qspace and current experiments.

WG 2 (Thursday)

To be announced.

WG 3 (Thursday)

  • Summary of the organization of the training school
  • Brief presentation of the proposed meetings in GP2
  • Discussion of WG3 meeting in GP2
  • Ideas for future activities
  • Open forum for brief presentations by WG3 members (5 mins or so)

WG 5 (Wednesday)

  • Presentation of the website
  • Presentation of past activities of WP5
  • Ideas for future activities
  • Preparation for the Round Table discussion