The workshop will take place at the Hyrny Conference and Recreation Centre in Zakopane

The hotel is located about 300 metres from Krupówki, the city’s main street, and within 20 minutes walking distance from the train and bus station.

Below are some suggestions on how to get to Zakopane. For further questions, please contact Michal Eckstein <> of the Local Organizing Committee. Please write [QS16] in the title of you e-mail.

From or via Kraków

By air

The closest airport is Kraków’s Balice Airport. A direct train brings your from there in just 15 minutes for 8zł/2€ to the main train and bus station – Kraków Główny. There is also a bus connection (lines 208292 and 902) which takes about 35-45min and costs 4zł/1€. Trains and busses leave Kraków Główny regularly for Zakopane, see below. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the main train and bus station, which costs 89zł/22€.

If it turns out that several people will arrive around the same hour, we might be able to organize a shuttle from the Balice airport directly to Zakopane at cost of ca. 100zł/25€ per person. If you would be interested in taking the shuttle, please select a suitable option in the registration form. If you have already registered, please contact Michał Eckstein.

By train

Each day there are several from trains (see PKP and Intercity) from Kraków Główny train station. The train needs its time to wind its way up into the mountains so it takes about three and a half hours. Tickets start around 25zł/8€. If you want to reach Zakopane more quickly, take the bus.

By bus

Several bus companies (e.g. Szwagropol, PolskiBus, MajerBus, Maxbus and several other known as PKS) have connections between Kraków MDA (Małopolski Dworzec Autobusowy) and Zakopane. A ticket costs about 20zł/5€. The journey takes about two hours fifteen minutes modulo traffic.

From or via Warsaw

By air

Warsaw Chopin Airport is Warsaw’s main airport and served by many international airlines. The urban train line SKM S3 brings you in about 25 minutes to the central station Warszawa Centralna. Alternatively you can take the bus line 175. In both cases you need a ZTM ticket for zone 1 which costs 4,40zł/1€.

By train

Trains from Warsaw Central Station (Warszawa Centralna) to Kraków Główny leave more or less every hour. The trip takes around two hours twenty minutes and costs between 50zł/12€ and 135zł/34€ (see Intercity). Infrequently there are also some slower trains that take about 5 hours to reach Kraków.

There is also a direct train connection (see Intercity): Each morning a fast train takes you in 6 hours for about 100zł/25€ to Zakopane. If you prefer to travel during the night, you can take a night train which takes 8 hours and costs 45zł/11€.