Support for Ukraine

We express our support for Ukrainian teachers, scientists and students and for the entire Ukrainian people, who have the right to a democratic, sovereign and independent state and the right to decide their future without outside intervention. [Society Board, 24.02.2022] Wyrażamy nasze poparcie dla ukraińskich nauczycieli, naukowców i studentów oraz dla całego narodu ukraińskiego, który

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NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS 2020 (Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, Andrea Ghez)

A group of friends discussing over dinner the classical and quantum black holes [Warszawa, 14ty września, 2019] from the left: Jerzy Lewandowski, Roger Penrose, Yongge Ma, Ted Newman, Carlo Rovelli, Francesca Vidotto Sir Roger Penrose, Honorary Member of the Polish Society on Relativity is among the 2020 Nobel Laureates in Physics. His distinguished achievement is the

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