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Winter School of Theoretical Physics / third COST Action CA18108 Training School

We invite you to 59. Winter School of Theoretical Physics / third COST Action CA18108 Training School:

  • Title: “Gravity — Classical, Quantum and Phenomenology”.  
  • The school is aimed at master’s and doctoral students, as well as young postdocs.
  • Place: Wojanów (Polska) w dniach 12-21 lutego 2023 roku
  • Organization: Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw.



  • December 31: deadline for registration
  • January 08: confirmation of participation and decision to grant financial support
  • February 12 : arrival and start of school (afternoon)
  • February 21 : departure (morning)


  • Giovanni Amelino-Camelia: “Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of multi-messenger astronomy”
  • Sami Carof: “LIV data analysis”
  • Laurent Freidel: “Quantum gravity: introduction and overview”
  • Andrea Maselli: “Astrophysical black holes: theory and observations”
  • Malcolm Perry: “Fundamental black holes: Hawking radiation and information paradox”
  • Emmanuel Saridakis: “Modified gravity theories”
  • Benjamin Wandelt: “Cosmology: observations”

Local Organizational Committe:

  • J. Kowalski-Glikman (Główny organizator), T. Trześniewski (Sekretarz), G. Rosati, R. Durka